Add-On Products

Depending on the type of account (see account comparison table), we offer add-on products. Below is a description of our add-ons.


Statements can be issued for:




Any direct account relationship to the end-user (including Platform FBOs for the end-user) requires, by regulation, for monthly statements to be issued to the end-user. You can make use of white-labeled statement generation APIs or create your own.

Statements can be viewed at the user level or at the node (account) level. Except for revolving loans, our statements are available on the 15th of every month for the previous month. Statements for revolving loans are available on the 7th of every month for the month prior.

We also provide the ability to Generate Ad-Hoc Node Statements, which is currently in Beta.

Statement Formats:

View an Example Statement. Statements will be available in three different formats: CSV, PDF, and JSON. Statements will list the following:

  • Starting and ending balance
  • Platform contact information
  • List of transactions
  • Error resolution information

Statements Sub-Resources

Account & Routing Numbers (Subnet)

Our account/routing numbers are identical to those funds in traditional banks and allow for the same functionality (e.g. the user crediting or debiting their deposit account on our system from an external bank via ACH). Users simply need to provide their assigned account and routing number to their external bank or third party software.

Accounts don't automatically come with subnets so that platforms have the ability to create close-looped systems. By default, when subnets are created they are credit only (CREDIT) (i.e. incoming pulls will be denied). They can be changed to allow for credits and debits (CREDIT-AND-DEBIT), if the use case requires, for all users or for a tier of users.

We encourage you to use account/routing number issuance to receive funds, as there is little return risk for credits. This is especially helpful with large transactions or risky payment flows. We also recommend using account/routing number issuance to set up direct deposit for payroll (when applicable). We have seen that users who set up direct deposit from their payroll have lower rates of churn.

To issue account and routing numbers please make sure beforehand the feature is enabled in your platform controls. Once you confirm this use our Issue AC/RT Numbers API.

If AC/RT numbers are not in your controls please speak with your platform architect (PA) about your interest in implementing them.


Compromised Account and Routing Numbers

If you feel your account and routing numbers have been compromised in any way or you no longer want to use the numbers, please deactivate your subnets. See Update Subnet Status for more information

AC/RT Sub-Resources

Card Issuance (Subnet)

Our cards sit on top of our accounts or loan nodes. This differs from other vendors who offer cards without a linked account--which creates a product with greatly reduced functionality.

To learn more about cards please refer to our Native Card Issuance Page.

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Add-On Products

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