ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments are an electronic form of payment between US bank accounts. It is a common and cost-effective way to transmit funds. Unlike other payment types, ACH transfers are not guaranteed funds and face the risk of returns up to 60 days after the transaction settled (although most returns occur 2-3 days after).

We offer Same-Day and Standard (Next-Day) ACH transfers for both ACH pushes (credits) and ACH pulls (debits).

(Transaction) Node Type: ACH-US.

Steps to Initiate ACH Transactions

To Initiate an ACH Transaction

  1. Make sure your controls (what you are allowed to do in our system) allow for ACH transactions.
  2. Have an account owned by a user with SEND-AND-RECEIVE permissions and who is not a match in one of our sanctions lists click here for our guide on how to check for this.
  3. Link the target external account to our system. In our system, there are two options to do so.
    a. Method 1 (Recommended): Link the target account via our Bank Logins (also referred to as Account Aggregation) product.
    b. Method 2: Link the target account via Account and Routing Numbers. Learn more in Linking Accounts.
  4. If all the steps above have been successfully executed you can now create an ACH Transaction.

To Receive an Externally-Initiated ACH Transaction

To receive an incoming ACH transaction (that is, not initiated inside the Synapse ecosystem) you will need to have an account with the SEND-AND-RECEIVE permissions that is owned by a user who is not a match in one of our sanctions lists (click here for a guide on how to check for this), and who has been issued account and routing numbers.

When we receive the transaction we will automatically push or pull the funds to/from your account. If you are subscribed to the relevant webhook you will receive a webhook informing you of the transaction.

Cutoff Times

ACH transfers have cutoff times because transactions are batch-processed by the Federal Reserve, which requires institutions to adhere to cutoff times for the transaction batches.

We will require a short additional time to process ACH transactions on our end before transmitting the transaction data to the Federal Reserve. Our cutoff times are:

Cutoff Time

Settlement Time

Same Day ACH

9:00AM PT

Same Business Day
Transactions sent after the cutoff time will be included in the Next Day ACH batch at 3:00PM PT. Same-Day pricing will still apply.

Next Day ACH (default)

3:00PM PT

Next Business Day
Transactions sent after the 3:00PM PT cutoff time will be included in the following business day's ACH batch.


ACH API Resources

ACH Codes

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