Bank Logins UI

Bank Logins UI is a simple user interface built on top of our Bank Login API.


We have a better version of our UI products in the works. For a better user experience, we recommend building out your own UI.

Our bank logins UI tool is a quick way to link a bank account without building your own UI. View our bank logins demo.


  1. Issue Public Key: Issue a public key with scope CLIENT|CONTROLS.

  2. Issue OAuth Key: Issue an OAuth Key for the user, with scopes USER|GET, NODES|GET, NODES|POST, NODE|PATCH.

  3. Create the URL with the public key, OAuth key, success and failure URI.
    Example Sandbox URL:
    Example Production URL:

  4. Test the UI to ensure everything is rendering properly.

Path Parameters

An oauth_key and public_key are required path parameters. See How to OAuth a User and Issue a Public Key.

Path Parameters

Path Parameter


OAuth key of the user who needs to link new accounts (required)


Your public key (required)

Android Webviews

If you are rendering this component inside an Android webview, please make sure that you have DOM storage enabled settings.setDomStorageEnabled(true);

GET Params on redirect

GET Params returned on success_uri:

GET Param


Synapse ID of the user

GET Params returned on failure_uri:

GET Param


Error code from Errors Section


HTTP code from Errors Section


Reason for failure


Synapse ID of the user

Customizing the UI

You can customize the following things on the UI. If you wish to change any of these fields, please go to Client Manager on the dashboard to do so.


Color Palette

You can update the color with any hex value. By default it uses our colors.


Any landscape logo (recommended: 1388 × 367 pixels). By default it uses our logo


The footer disclosure text can be modified. By default it says Banking services are provided by Evolve Bank and Trust; Members FDIC.

Legal Agreements

Any bank login privacy agreements that you want the user to agree to while logging into a bank. By default the user agrees to our Website Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy

Success URI

Once login is successful where should we redirect the user

Failure URI

If login fails or user wants to abandon the login, where should we redirect the user

Bank Logins UI

Bank Logins UI is a simple user interface built on top of our Bank Login API.

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