Card Issuance Return Codes


Please Integrate with our Native Card Issuance

Please integrate with our Native Card Issuance which we directly process and allows for further functionality and reliability.

The content of this page refers to our old card issuance which was built on top of a legacy processor that led to occasional reliability issues. Because of this reason, we consider our legacy card issuance as still in Open Beta. For error codes to our native card issuance, please refer here.

CR01Transaction not approved; Possible NSF
CR02International transaction detected; This card does not have international transaction permissions
CR03Transaction exceeds ATM or POS withdrawal limits
CR04Invalid PIN attempted; Please try again or reset the pin
CR05Card status is in a state which does not allow for any transactions
CR06Invalid expiration date
CR07Transaction validation failed
CR08There is an issue with the card; Please check the card
CR09There is an issue associated with the card deposit account of the card

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Card Issuance Return Codes

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