Card Subnets Intro

Card subnets are issued on top of DEPOSIT-US and SUBACCOUNT-US nodes. You can
issue virtual or physical debit cards with our card issuance product.

Card subnets are general purpose cards issued in your user's name. They are linked to a deposit account and requires the same KYC as a deposit account. KYC includes SSN & Government ID.

Card subnets can be issued in your platform’s name for the benefit of your users. This is possible by issuing card subnets on top of SUBACCOUNT-US nodes. Because these cards are issued in your platform’s name, KYC obligations are more flexible since we already have due diligence on your platform. However, this means the funds being spent on the card are held in your platform’s name, so the use-cases are more limited. These types of cards are better if you are extending a line of credit in your platform’s name, issuing corporate cards for employees to spend company funds, etc.

Card Subnet Object

_id :

Object ID of the node

_links.self.href :

HAL style link for the node

allowed :

Denotes the account standing. Look at the node permissions section above to learn more :

ID of the client that created the node :

Name of the client that created the node

info.nickname :

Any nickname/common name given to the node. Eg. Savings Node

info.document_id :

User's document ID that the card is associated with

info.balance.amount :

Avaliable balance on the card

info.balance.currency :
string USD

Avaliable balance's currency on the card

info.preferences.allow_foreign_transactions :
boolean false

Allow foreign transaction on card

info.preferences.atm_withdrawal_limit :
integer 1000

Daily ATM cash withdrawal limit

info.preferences.max_pin_attempts :
integer 3

Max consecutive incorrect pin attempts allowed before card is locked

info.preferences.pos_withdrawal_limit :
integer 1000

Daily cash withdrawal limit on POS (Point of Sale)

is_active :
boolean true

If the node is indexed or marked deleted.

timeline :
array of objects

Array that tracks node updates as they occur

type :

Type of node

extra.supp_id :

Any supplied ID given by the client that created the node

Card Return Codes


Transaction not approved; Possible NSF


International transaction detected; This card does not have international transaction permissions


Transaction exceeds ATM or POS withdrawal limits


Invalid PIN attempted; Please try again or reset the pin


Card status is in a state which does not allow for any transactions


Invalid expiration date


Transaction validation failed


There is an issue with the card; please check the card


There is an issue associated with the card deposit account of the card


Check returned; Possible NSF or invalid check

Card Subnets Intro

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