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The different accounts we offer have different characteristics, KYC requirements, regulatory restrictions, among other distinctions). This variety allows us to offer the best solution for each use case. Please refer to the tables below for an idea of the distinctions between our accounts.

Comparison of Account Characteristics

R = Restricted functionality
P = Passthrough FDIC insurance if certain conditions are met
F = FDIC Insurance given to cash funds.
L = Limit of six withdrawals and certain transfers a month due to regulation

Account Types

Please refer to each account page for more information on the specifics details and APIs of the account.

Below a list of the add on products we offer for our accounts

Node Sub-Resources

All accounts are nodes on our system (learn more here, because of this reason their APIs follow a similar structure. For a general reference of this structure please refer to our Node Statuses page. Please refer to each account page for its specific sub-resources.

Legal Disclosures
Please make sure to check our General Legal Disclosure, and our Accounts Legal Disclosure pages.

Next Steps: Once an account has been created, there are various possible next steps. Please make sure to look at our Payments page to learn how to make transactions to and from the account. Furthermore, depending on the account, you might find our debit card issuance or our lending page useful.

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Accounts Main Page

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