Ship Card

PATCH CARD-US Node to ship a physical card out to the user

Use this call if you want a physical card shipped to your end user. This is meant to be used in instances after the debit card account has been created and a physical card is requested. The physical card will be shipped to the user address found in the base document.

For normal wear and tear, you can use this same call to ship the physical card again. To get a new card number, you will need to Reset Card.



user_id :

The user ID of the user

node_id :

The node ID of the node


ship :
string YES/NO

Set value to YES to wish to reissue debit card for supplied node


fee_node_id :

Node ID that will be charged for the shipped debit card

expedite :
to trigger overnight shipping for the card

card_style_id :
ID of card style to be printed

Paying for the Card

The card fee is covered by either you or your end user. To specify who will pay the fee, simply designate a RESERVE-US or DEPOSIT-US node. If this node belongs to the user, their node is allowed to go negative. If this node belongs to your platform, please keep it well funded and segregated from the reserve account that covers your transactional risk.

Confirm the Address

The physical card is shipped to the address found in the user’s base document. We recommend confirming the address prior to shipping, as addresses may change. The address should include apartment numbers and other necessary details.

Shipping Timeline

Cards are shipped via First Class Mail within the next business day of API request if submitted before 7 AM CT. If the ship card request was made after 7 AM CT, the debit card will be shipped out the following morning. The user should receive the card in 8-10 business days. If you wish to expedite card shipping, PATCH "expedite": true to trigger overnight shipping for the debit card.

  • This new status is applied once a card has been submitted to CPI for creation. Until then it will not be printed or available on the dashboard.
    -Tracking info for expedited cards will not be available (in general) until around 1:30 - 2:00pm. Cards will be searchable before then but will not be shipped until later


PATCH /v3.1/users/5bb6ab05472e2500adffad5a/nodes/5bbadc6f7b11c3008d045add?ship=YES HTTP/1.1
X-SP-USER: oauth_46jGbL5oIhAHtTuQVfYDpcqmedZBP9Xa0Owrnv7F|n38dj3h8NE393bv24ovoRY34kd62
Content-Type: application/json

  "info": {
    "card_style_id": "555"


    "_id": "5bbadc6f7b11c3008d045add",
    "_links": {
        "self": {
            "href": ""
    "allowed": "INACTIVE",
    "client": {
        "id": "5ade26b4567a900029e2afd2",
        "name": "YY Test Account"
    "extra": {
        "note": null,
        "other": {
            "access_token": "5bbadc74e74254002a776186"
        "supp_id": ""
    "info": {
        "balance": {
            "amount": 0,
            "currency": "USD"
        "card_hash": "ddbd031f01ccd84c9e358350c021df19aaadfaa864b9bca4c17f0cd32a481c83",
        "card_number": "2352",
        "card_style_id": "555",
        "document_id": "2a4a5957a3a62aaac1a0dd0edcae96ea2cdee688ec6337b20745eed8869e3ac8",
        "monthly_withdrawals_remaining": null,
        "name_on_account": " ",
        "nickname": "My Debit Card",
        "preferences": {
            "allow_foreign_transactions": false,
            "atm_withdrawal_limit": 200,
            "pos_withdrawal_limit": 200
    "is_active": true,
    "timeline": [
            "date": 1538972783605,
            "note": "Node created."
            "date": 1538972790642,
            "note": "Card Created."
            "date": 1538972801290,
            "note": "Card sent for printing."
    "type": "CARD-US",
    "user_id": "5bb6ab05472e2500adffad5a"

Ship Card

PATCH CARD-US Node to ship a physical card out to the user

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