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We offer a variety of payment products, this allows us to provide our platforms with the proper array of solutions unique to their respective use cases. Please refer to the pages of this section for more information on the general characteristics of our payment solutions and the specifics for each payment type.

Please note, except for Checks (Bill Pay) and RDC (Remote Deposit Capture), we currently only allow for payments to external or Synapse accounts owned by the end-user or business. If a platform wishes to send/receive payments to/from other parties we will need to open an account in the name of that party (normally a custodial account), from where transactions to/from that entity will be sent and received.

Payment Types

Please refer to each payment type page for more information on its specific details and APIs.

Previous Steps: Will vary depending on the payment type being used. However, all will need a verified user with SEND-AND-RECEIVE permissions (click here for our suggested user onboarding flow and a created account.

General Sub-Resources

Although different payment types have different steps required to transact, all transactions utilize the following transaction API calls (with differences arising from the node type a particular transaction will go to). Examples: ACH-US for ACH transfers; WIRE-INT for international wires; DEPOSIT-US, CUSTODY-US or similar for internal transfers (assuming the transaction is initiated by Synapse).

Transaction API Sub-Resoureces

Other Transaction Sub-Resources

General Transaction Codes

Status Codes for Synapse API Calls


Please make sure to check our General Legal Disclosure, and our Payments Legal Disclosure pages.

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Payments Main Page

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