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GET CARD-US Node to View Card Details

To view the user’s card information, GET Node with the CARD-US node ID. To view the card_number, CVC, and exp date, you will need to do a GET Node with full_dehydrate=yes.



user_id :

The user ID of the user

node_id :

The node ID of the node


full_dehydrate :
string no

[yes/no] Full Dehydrate yes will return back all the node info including card_number, CVC, and exp date


GET /v3.1/users/5bb29f48520da000a38cb107/nodes/5bb317d89a835600b6666168 HTTP/1.1
X-SP-USER: oauth_32Karqe8fyd60DN1jw9ZXGnsmkx0PEhLFiW7CuVo|FIUW23NR92B2374
Content-Type: application/json


    "_id": "5bb317d89a835600b6666168",
    "_links": {
        "self": {
            "href": ""
    "allowed": "INACTIVE",
    "client": {
        "id": "5ade26b4567a900029e2afd2",
        "name": "YY Test Account"
    "extra": {
        "note": null,
        "other": {
            "access_token": "5bb317fffc0577002aa2a292"
        "supp_id": ""
    "info": {
        "balance": {
            "amount": 0,
            "currency": "USD"
        "card_hash": "e2704ba45ffd077475927013082166682e32a4cf2e5144044093a4614e3f8a25",
        "card_number": "8790",
        "card_style_id": null,
        "document_id": "2a4a5957a3a62aaac1a0dd0edcae96ea2cdee688ec6337b20745eed8869e3ac8",
        "monthly_withdrawals_remaining": null,
        "name_on_account": " ",
        "nickname": "My Debit Card",
        "preferences": {
            "allow_foreign_transactions": false,
            "atm_withdrawal_limit": 100,
            "pos_withdrawal_limit": 1000
    "is_active": true,
    "timeline": [
            "date": 1538463704146,
            "note": "Node created."
            "date": 1538463745477,
            "note": "Card Created."
    "type": "CARD-US",
    "user_id": "5bb29f48520da000a38cb107"

Monitor CARD-US Node with Webhooks:

  • Account Status:Webhooks will alert you when a card’s status changes. This is helpful if a user’s card is locked or updated.
  • Negative Balances: Balances can go negative due to returns, chargebacks and offline authorization for cards. When this happens, please prompt the user to fund their account. Please be aware that we reconcile negative balances from your reserve account at the end of each month.
  • Low Balances: If a user wants an account to maintain a minimum balance, you can monitor the balance and send automatic reminders to your users to fund the account when it needs to be topped up.
  • Fee Nodes: If your fee node runs negative (assuming you are covering transaction fees yourself), transactions will remain in the CREATED status until the fee node is funded again.
  • Failed Webhooks: If a webhook fails to send, we will try to send the request every 10 minutes until we are successful in delivering the webhook, up to 24 hours. After that, we will log the webhook and make it available for viewing on our dashboard for 15 days.

PCI Considerations

Please DO NOT store card numbers. Please also review the following before displaying card information.

Web Interfaces:
If you plan to have a web version of your app, we do not recommend displaying card_number, cvc and exp date unless you are PCI compliant. This is because you will have to route this through your server, even if you are not storing card information. We recommend using our UI as a Service component for this use case, so you can redirect users there when viewing card details.

App Interfaces:
For applications, you can do the GET API call in the app itself. That way you are in full control of the UI without transmitting card data through your servers. Here is what we recommend:

  1. OAuth the user on your server, but with only scope "NODE|GET"
  2. Send this oauth_key to the user’s app
  3. Do full_dehydrate=yes from the app

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GET CARD-US Node to View Card Details

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