Integrating with Synapse

Sales Process

If you are interested in our products please contact our sales team ([email protected]), who will work with you to find the best solution for your use case, combining various Synapse offerings to match the functionalities you want to offer your end-users.

Once we identify the Synapse products that best meet your platform's needs and you decide to take the next steps with us, we will send a contract for you to review and sign.

Integration Process

On the start date defined in the contract, the integration process will officially begin and we will connect you with one of our Platform Architects to guide you. Integration will typically take five to six weeks if you submit all documentation in a timely manner and pass our internal checks.

An exception to this comes up for platforms pursuing physical card issuance, which typically takes six to nine weeks to integrate (or, in some rare circumstances, significantly longer). Basic details can be found on the Physical Card Issuance Integration page.

In the chart below you can find a basic overview of Integration (with the standard order of integration milestones and sample timelines):

There are three main phases of Integration (On-Boarding Preparation, Implementation, and Review), as well as an additional parallel phase for platforms who wish to issue cards. Furthermore, after the above are completed, we highly recommend for platforms to have an Internal Testing phase before their public launch.

PHASE 1: On-Boarding Preparation

At the onset of integration, your Platform Architect will email you with a summary of the steps you will need to follow through this multi-week process. You will also receive a sample Spec Sheet and a sample Implementation Guide.

Steps that you will need to complete after receiving this email include:

1. On-Boarding Form

The On-Boarding Form collects important information about your platform. Your environment and other customizations will be heavily based on the information captured by this form. Consequently, you should fill it out accurately and realistically to address the needs of your platform at launch. If you provide incorrect or incomplete information, or make a alterations to your desired flows, we may need to reconfigure controls for your environment and recreate documentation—which may introduce delays to your integration.

2. Platform Due Diligence Form

To meet regulatory requirements, you will need to submit the Platform Due Diligence Form for review by our Compliance Team. In it you will provide:

  • Information about your platform's business and its activities
  • KYC for your Beneficial Owners (i.e. anyone with ownership stake of 25% or more) and Company Officers (e.g. CEO, CFO, COO, and other C-Level executives)
    * We will run background checks based on the information provided above.
    Platforms should complete this form in 1-2 business days, and processing will take approximately 20 business days.

3. Account Setup

  • Set up a Synapse production account, connect a funding account for monthly billing, and upload your business and beneficial owner documentation (including all relevant KYC). You can find more details on these steps here.
    • You will be unable to proceed to the Implementation phase until Synapse can verify both the account owner's identity and account funding supplied in the Account Setup steps above.

PHASE 2: Implementation

You will perform much of the actual work integrating with our APIs during the Implementation Phase. This is the time to test, make adjustments, and learn—bearing in mind that setbacks in this stage will delay your launch date. After you submit the On-Boarding Form (assuming that the information submitted is complete and correct), Synapse should typically provide you with the resources needed to begin setting up and customizing your platform for testing within 3 business days.

These resources are a Spec Sheet, an Implementation Guide, and a Customized Sandbox Environment:

4. Spec Sheet

The Specification Sheet (Spec Sheet) outlines the technical specifications for your platform including user KYC requirements, flows, transaction limits, your platform's reserve amount, and other controls for your platform's API activity.

  • The initial configuration of your Spec Sheet is based on the information you provided in the On-Boarding Form, the nature of your users, the products and flows you will use, and Synapse's pre-existing standards (e.g. risk models) for your specific industry.
  • As you grow and your transaction volume increases (i.e. once we have real-world data to review for your platform), we are open to revisiting your limits. Please contact your Platform Architect for more information.
  • Similarly, we are willing to adjust your reserve amount to the lower of either:
    • 110% of the sum of your Reserve Account withdrawals in the past 90 days, or
    • your daily transaction limit
  • Your Spec Sheet will also provide information needed to perform additional account actions, such as funding your reserve account.

5. Implementation Guide

Your Implementation Guide is an overview document tailored to your platform to walk you through the rest of integration. It provides:

  • Relevant API calls and the recommended order in which to use them.
  • Links to resources outlining the importance of KYC, describing compliance requirements (necessary disclosures, notifications, etc.), mitigating transaction risk, and explaining how to use Synapse SupportSynapse Support - Help Center: | Customer Support Email : [email protected] | Customer Support Phone Number : +1 (415) 688-2943 | Customer Support Hours : Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 7:00pm PT (e.g. our services vs. self-service expectations).

6. Customized Sandbox Environment

We will update your sandbox environment with customized controls that directly align with your Spec Sheet. If you follow the setup steps outlined in your Implementation Guide, this customized sandbox environment will allow you to start to build (or finish building) your programmatic integration with our APIs.

7. Integrate with Our APIs

Finally, you can build out your platform's core functionality! The time spent on this stage will depend on the platform's diligence but also on the complexity of the integration.

8. Prepare Support Team

You should continually work with your internal support team as you build out your integration to ensure that your team has a solid understanding of your platform's offerings, their associated risks, and how to address issues that may come up.

Reminder For Platforms Issuing Cards: Card Art and Collateral Setup
If your platform will be issuing cards, there are steps you will need to take in parallel with the other integration phases to ensure that your end-users can receive their physical cards. You can find those steps here.

PHASE 3: Review

Once your platform is finalizing its programatic integration we will require a code review and compliance review to ensure your platform is ready for wide release. The code review is a technical check that will make sure you are integrated with our APIs in the best way possible. The compliance review will make sure all appropriate disclosures, notifications, and other requirements are communicated to the end-user. After successfully passing both reviews and appropriately funding your reserve account, you will receive production keys. We follow this process to help our platforms avoid unpleasant surprises at public launch.

9. Code Review Checklist

We will ask you to submit the code you are using to for the API calls specific to your platform implementation. We will verify that you are properly making the calls, conducting flows in the best possible fashion, and following our Security Best Practices.

10. Compliance Review

We will ask you to submit a staging environment, with logins and test values, as well as your Terms of Service. We will verify that you are providing your users with the disclosures and notifications required for your specific use case and by regulations.

11. Fund Reserve Account

You can fund your reserve account at any point after receiving your Spec Sheet, but we will not issue your production keys until you fully fund it.

12. Production Keys Issued

Congratulations, now you can play with real money!

Once you have your production keys, you are now fully integrated with Synapse. For non-urgent issues we always recommend first checking Synapse Docs and Synapse Discuss. If you have an issue that is not related to your system architecture (e.g. a day-to-day matter like a locked user inquiry) the best point of contact will be Synapse SupportSynapse Support - Help Center: | Customer Support Email : [email protected] | Customer Support Phone Number : +1 (415) 688-2943 | Customer Support Hours : Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 7:00pm PT. For anything else, please contact your Platform Architect.

PHASE 4: Platform's Internal Testing

We highly recommend you have a staging period where you internally test with a small group of employees, friends, and/or family (or with a limited pool of end-users) before releasing to your general audience. This is done at your discretion. Once you think everything is in order you can go live with a higher degree of confidence.

Self-Service Pledge

We are aiming by the end of 2019 to enable developers to shop, build, and launch all our products completely online without needing to talk with us. We think this is very exciting because it will substantially improve our pricing, getting us closer to our mission of offering best-in-class financial products to everyone around the world regardless of their net worth.

We will keep this page updated as we release more details on our Self-Service integration.

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Integrating with Synapse

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