Testing Crypto Transfers

To be able to test transfers in and out of our Crypto Wallets, we recommend setting up and funding a Testnet account. BitMEX and BitPay make it really easy for you to set up and transact through Testnet accounts.

Setting up Testnet

For instance, if you wish to set this up with BitPay, download BitPay on iOS or Android and create an account. Then do the following:
Go to Wallet and click on the dropdown button
Tap on Create a new wallet
Then on Simple Wallet
We recommending doing this for both BTC and ETH so that you can test both blockchains.
Tap on Show advanced options
Enable Testnet
Once done, you will be able to see both wallets:

Funding Crypto Wallet

Before you can send funds out of your Crypto Wallet, please ensure the Crypto Wallet is funded. You can do so by making transfers between your Deposit and Crypto Wallet.
The outcome of this should be that your Crypto Wallet is well funded like the example below:
In this example, we ended up funding for BTC, DAI and ETH so that all three can be tested.

Sending funds to Testnet Wallet

Once your Crypto Wallet is funded, open your BitPay app, then:
Tap on the wallet you wish to send funds to:
Tap on Receive
Copy wallet address
After that, you can use Create SRN Transaction API call to transfer funds to your Testnet wallet. The payload will look like the following, with srn_address being the address of your Testnet wallet.
Wait for the transaction to reach PROCESSING-DEBIT, after that, Execute SRN Transaction.
Once the transaction has been confirmed and processed, the transaction will move to PROCESSING-CREDIT and then SETTLED. Once successful, you will be be able to see the transaction on the blockchain (example). Please note, sometimes it can take upto 30 mins for transactions to settle on testnet.
You will also see the balance in your wallet adjust:
Including the transaction at the bottom:

Receiving funds from Testnet Wallet

To receive funds from your Testnet wallet, first locate your Crypto Wallet addresses via View Node. You will be able to locate your wallet addresses under info.deposit_addresses:
Once located, copy the address you wish to fund, then open your bitpay app. Locate your wallet. Then tap on Send
Then paste your Crypto Wallet address
Once you've entered the amount you wish to transfer, you will see the confirmation screen. Once ready, tap on Click to send.
Then you will be able to see an outgoing payment instruction:
After a few minutes, you will be able to locate this transaction on the blockchain (example). And in next few minutes you will receive a webhook for an incoming EXTERNAL-US transaction. Which would look like this:
"_id": "60a3f81425cc1d39252640b6",
"_links": {
"self": {
"href": ""
"_v": 2,
"amount": {
"amount": 4.295800000000001e+16,
"currency": "WEI"
"client": {
"id": "6044ff7928057348e865f7a9",
"name": "Some Random Company"
"extra": {
"asset": "ETH",
"created_on": 1621358611456,
"group_id": null,
"ip": "",
"latlon": "unknown,unknown",
"location": {
"address_city": null,
"address_country_code": null,
"address_postal_code": null,
"address_subdivision": null,
"lat": 0,
"lon": 0
"note": "ethereum:0x825b356a6ece1e2153d59017936e6fe5da8ed52e",
"other": {
"affect_limits": true,
"attachments": [],
"chargeback_disputed": false,
"dispute_form": null,
"dispute_meta": {},
"dispute_reason": null,
"disputed": false,
"is_provisional_credit": false
"process_on": 1621358611456,
"rate": null,
"rate_limit": null,
"same_day": false,
"settlement_delay": 0,
"supp_id": "",
"tracking_number": null,
"txp_meta": {
"amount_types": [],
"amounts": [],
"payment_code": null,
"tax_period_end_date": null,
"taxpayer_verification": null,
"tin": null
"fees": [
"fee": 0.0,
"note": "Synapse Facilitator Fee",
"to": {
"id": "55b3f8c686c2732b4c4e9df6"
"from": {
"id": null,
"meta": {
"dispute_transaction_id": false,
"foreign_transaction": false,
"fraud_score": {
"reason": null,
"score": 0.0
"is_dispute_posting": false,
"is_force_post": true,
"is_platform_fee": false,
"merchant_name": "ethereum:0x825b356a6ece1e2153d59017936e6fe5da8ed52e",
"message": null,
"network_id": "wyre",
"source": null,
"type": "CRYPTO"
"nickname": null,
"type": "EXTERNAL-US",
"user": {
"_id": null,
"legal_names": [
"recent_status": {
"date": 1621358622055,
"note": "next",
"status": "SETTLED",
"status_id": "4"
"timeline": [
"date": 1621358611456,
"note": "Transaction Created.",
"status": "CREATED",
"status_id": "1"
"date": 1621358616355,
"note": "next",
"status_id": "2"
"date": 1621358618776,
"note": "next",
"status_id": "3"
"date": 1621358622055,
"note": "next",
"status": "SETTLED",
"status_id": "4"
"to": {
"id": "60773b6020b3aa08b73ac3b0",
"nickname": "My CRYPTO",
"type": "CRYPTO-US",
"user": {
"_id": "6063b4af75629600d3ba5ce8",
"legal_names": [
"Test User"
and you will also see the balance update on your Crypto Wallet:
That it! Have fun playing with Crypto ₿!
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