Monetizing Transactions

Originating Transactions with fees

  1. Collect transaction details

  2. Create a transaction

    1. Include the fee in the payload

    2. Increase the amount of transaction to cover the fees


  • Fees must be visibly disclosed to the users in your terms and conditions

  • Fees must be visibly displayed while users create transactions

  • Fees are deducted from the transaction amount

Adding Fees to Inbound Transactions

  1. Subscribe to Receive (TRANS|POST) Inbound Transaction Notification

  2. Calculate the user fee for the transaction

  3. Create an internal transfer from the user node to a platform node

    1. Set the transaction supp_id to the initial transaction_id to help keep track of the transaction and its association. Alternatively, group_id can also be used for the same purpose. View both fields on the transaction schema.


  • Platforms can combine the initial transaction and the Fee transaction when displaying the user’s transaction history

  • The separate transaction will appear in the user’s default statements

  • For card transactions, platforms will need to provide a separate provisional credit to cover the additional Fee whenever the user disputes the transaction in order to comply with Reg E

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