Linking External Accounts

Link Bank Account via Micro Deposit

  1. Collect Account and Routing Number

  2. Wait for the user to be approved SEND-AND-RECEIVE

  3. Notify the User of Incoming Micro Deposits

  4. Collect Micro Deposit Numbers


  • Linking accounts via micro deposits is subject to fees in order to support the cost of sending the transactions

  • Fraud rings have started farming micro deposits using automation which can lead to huge losses if not managed properly.

Link Bank Account via Account Aggregator

  1. Display account aggregator window

  2. Collect username/password via aggregator

  3. Collect Account details from aggregator


  • Prerequisite: Integrate with an account aggregator like Plaid or MX

  • Include account details and 3 months of account history when creating the node

Link a Card

  1. Collect Card details from User

    1. Card Number

    2. Expiration

    3. CVV

    4. Payment Address

  2. Encrypt Card on the user’s device details with Synapse public key


  • Platforms will be required to maintain PCI Compliance and pay for regular audits if unencrypted card details hit their servers at any time

  • Invalid Card Details will result in a 400 response code

  • In order to reduce fraud, platforms can elect to enforce restrictive AVS requirements when creating the node

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