Unsecured Revolving Loans

Required Language

  • The following must be disclosed within TOS and on user's application screen:

    • "All loans are made by Synapse Credit LLC, NMLS 1971454, a licensed U.S. lender in designated States. Loans are [unsecured and/or secured], fully amortized personal loans. Eligibility for a loan is not guaranteed."

Create Unsecured Revolving Loan

  1. Display Loan Summary

  2. Create the Repayment Node

  3. Display Disclosure to User:

    1. Required Language: “The bank services are provided by Synapse's partner banks, Members FDIC. By accepting the terms of this loan on <Insert Platform Name>, you agree to Synapse’s Consumer Loan Agreement.”

    2. Display loan Agreement

  4. Collect Affirmative Consent from the User

  5. Run Credit Decisioning


  • Do not set the reserve_node_id when creating and previewing the node

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