Transaction Details

Displaying Transaction Details

  1. Select a transaction

  2. Display required Details

    1. Transaction Date

    2. Full Amount

    3. Fee breakdown

      1. Amount

      2. Description

    4. Sender Details

    5. Recipient Details

    6. Scheduled Transaction Details (if Applicable)

    7. Cancel Transaction button (Grayed out if no longer available)

      1. Required language for recurring transactions: To cancel this transaction, Click Here. This is an authorized recurring debit from your account.

    8. Dispute Transaction (if applicable)

    9. Customer Support contact information

    10. For Recurring Transactions: 1 of the following options:

      1. Button leading to automatic cancellation of recurring transaction with the following language: If you would like to cancel future payments

      2. Required Language: If you would like to cancel future payments, please email us at <Platform email address> with at least 3 business days' notice.

    11. Button to download the transaction details as a PDF


  • Users must be able to print transaction details for their personal records

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