Integrate with Apple Pay

Enable Apple Pay

  1. Email Apple

    1. REQUIRED LANGUAGE: This is ___________ from ___________. We are about to launch a US banking service app called ___________ with our partner SynapseFi. We will issue virtual debit cards and would like to utilize the in-app provision of payment cards to Apple Wallet. Based on your documentation, we need a special entitlement from you to be able to do it. Here is information about our app: Apple Application Store ID (Adam ID): _________________ Apple Application ID: _______________________________ Apple App Launch URL: ____________________________ Card art was already submitted by our partner and is compliant with MasterCard.

  2. Apple Responds with Questions:

    1. Who is the sponsor bank you are working with to offer your debit or credit product?

    2. Please provide an overview of your product and how you plan to use Apple Pay

    3. Are you planning to offer both physical cards for customers?

    4. What are your proposed use cases for in-app (push) provisioning?

    5. Do you plan to use a 3rd party in the development and/or management of Apple Pay? If yes, please provide the company name.

    6. In what country is your business headquarters located in?

    7. Team Name: _________________

    8. Team ID: ____________________

    9. Adam ID: ____________________

  3. Respond to Apple’s Questions

  4. Apple Enables Apple Pay

  5. Head to the developer website, login, edit your distribution provisioning profile, select the entitlement from the drop-down menu.

  6. In Xcode build settings, select the profile from step 1 to sign the app for distribution.

  7. In Xcode, manually add the entitlement to the entitlement list.


  • Firstly, please familiarize yourself with the Apple Pay Documentation. Please note that this process requires you to perform some setup steps directly with Apple, and will also require you to perform some interactions with the Apple Pay API, and that for those items, customer engineering will only be able to provide limited assistance.

  • Apple Documentation on Apple Pay entitlements.

  • Synapse Notes regarding Apple Push to Wallet

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