Authenticate as the User

Authenticate as the User


  • After User creation, all API calls will require an oauth token

Protecting Fingerprints

Protecting fingerprints, or marking them as “protected”, not only prevents their eventual expiration, it also ensures the fingerprint is not popped off the list in the event that the user has exceeded the overall limit.

  1. If protecting an existing fingerprint, ensure that is inactive (is_active=false)

    1. If the fingerprint is active, deactivate it by performing the OAuth call with is_active=false in the payload

      1. POST /v3.1/oauth/{{user_id}}

  2. POST /v3.1/oauth/{{user_id}} with the following payload parameters

    1. is_active = true

    2. is_protected = true

    3. refresh_token

    4. scope

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