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Hi and welcome to Synapse Docs. Our mission is to ensure that everyone around the world has access to best-in-class financial products, regardless of their net worth. We do so by greatly lowering barriers to entry for launching financial products. These docs serve our mission by simply explaining how to use and integrate with our products.

How to Use Synapse Docs

This site is divided into three sections:

  1. User Guides

    Our User Guides provide an overview of our products in a format digestible by a general audience (see Synapse Product and Service Categories below).

  2. API Reference

    Our API Reference documentation lays out the technical structure of our API calls and responses.

  3. Synapse Discuss

    Synapse Discuss houses our API Changelog and Technical Discussion Board.

  • The API Changelog provides information about recent version-specific changes to provide developers with context about Critical Updates/Breaking Changes, New Features, Improvements, and Fixes.
  • The Technical Discussion Board allows invited platforms to have in-depth technical discussions about Synapse’s currently available core offerings.

Why We Don't Offer a General Tech Support

We realized that an important step in achieving our mission to lower barriers for financial services is making our products self-service (learn more about our Self-Service Pledge).

Instead of providing general tech support, we have decided to create simple-to-integrate-with APIs and straightforward accompanying documentation to allow any team to self-integrate with our system. This approach reduces our costs and allows us to offer our products at a lower price.

Synapse Product and Service Categories

API Performance and Reliability

Working With Synapse

Best Practices

Recommended Flows

Other Resources

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Welcome to Synapse Docs

Getting Started with Synapse

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