Chatbot Bank Logins (Account Aggregation)


Chatbot Bank Logins (Account Aggregation) enables users to connect their bank account to allow transactions and to provide account data.

Our white-label Chatbot Bank Logins solution empowers platforms to provide a superior experience for their users as they connect their bank account information to the platform. Platforms using Chatbot Bank Logins do not need to build most of the logic required to make use of our APIs, making the product both easier to set up and maintain. At the user level Chatbot Bank Logins creates a seamless experience that considers all possible user scenarios to both allow the user to provide all inputs and to take all steps inside the provided chat window.

  • PLEASE NOTE: If the user exceeds the allowable threshold for username/password/multi-factor authentication (MFA) attempts, the account will be locked. Chatbot Bank Logins will then provide a prompt directing the user to instead use their bank website.

If you don’t have Bank Logins and are interested in learning more about it, please contact your Account Manager (AM), who can provide you with more information. If you fulfill the above requirements, the last step will be to contact your AM and ask for Chatbot controls.

You can see a demo of Chatbot Bank Logins here.

   Testing Sandbox Values (Link an account with bank):
    Username:   synapse_good
    Password:   test1234
    MFA:        test_answer

   Testing Sandbox Values (Wells Fargo):
    Username:   TYPEPEUEQ
    Password:   12fdsa12

   Testing Sandbox Values (Capital One):
    Username:   ct_user421
    Password:   Test1234

   Testing Sandbox Values (Link an account with account and router number):
    Routing number:   021000021
    Account number:   067014822

Please use our sandbox test values to link different accounts.


Customizable Options of Chatbot Bank Logins

To skip a select bank step by passing the bank_code(eg, ‘bofa’) as a parameter, and open chatbot by starting to ask for a bank credential please add the following configuration.

Table 1. Optional Parameters of Chatbot Bank Logins




[Optional] Bank code of the Institution that the user wants to link (e.g. ‘bofa’).

Add the following to your configuration

institution: 'bofa'

2-Legged OAuth (Redirect) Feature

Currently only supported for Wells Fargo and Capital One.

A user can link their bank account via a flow that redirects them to their bank's website using a more advanced (and secure) 2-Legged OAuth process to complete the account aggregation setup.

For Sandbox Account Testing Wells Fargo

  • IMPORTANT: Clients must send Synapse their IP address in IPv6 format for Wells Fargo to Whitelist. Wells Fargo cannot approve foreign IP addresses.

Whitelisted IP has a 60-day expiration timeframe. So every 60 days, if platforms want to continue testing, they must request to keep their IP whitelisted. Please contact your Account Manager to send us up to 2 IP addresses.

Please note: Because there is only one credential to test in Sandbox, you might happen to see this - when clients create a user (user 1) and he links a number of accounts in Sandbox then creates another user (user 2) and attempts to link a different number of accounts different from user 1, you will impact the account access/ force_refresh update under user 1.

This won’t happen in production because each user will have their own credentials when linking.

Bank Logins Errors

API errors will be handled by Chatbot directly, including any possible required input by the user. The platform does not need to take action in this process. Simply call onError and Chatbot will return the error code and a description.

For the list of our API error codes please refer to our Error Status Codes and our HTTP Status Codes.

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Chatbot Bank Logins (Account Aggregation)

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