Best Practices

We recommend that our platforms follow our best practices so that they can get the greatest benefit from our products and so that they can provide the optimal experience to their end-users.

Use of Virtual Cards Requires Our Card UI or Independent PCI Compliance

Storing or transmitting card information will require you to be PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant. PCI requirements are information security (InfoSec) standards for organizations handling cards from the major card networks. Using our Card UI will help you to avoid taking on these stringent requirements on your own.

If you are using our card issuance product for virtual cards without using our Card UI, you will need to be compliant with the PCI standards. Noncompliance could result in compromised card data, fines from the card networks, and potential termination from using our service.

Use Webhooks

We recommend that you subscribe to webhooks to stay updated on card transactions and other changes.

Best Practices

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