Common Mistakes

There are common pitfalls to avoid when issuing cards that will inhibit you from making the best use of our product, and can negatively affect the user experience.

Lack of Understanding of the Different Statutes of Card Transactions

Although card transactions are usually instantaneous, there are instances and special situations where funds might be placed on hold and not immediately settled. Not considering these variables for your day-to-day operations can create significant issues for the end-user. Please refer to our Transaction Status Codes for more information.

Not Considering Timing for PIN Retry

PIN retry limits update at 11:59:59 PM (midnight) CT, even if the PIN has been patched. The counter towards max PIN attempts (max_pin_attempts) is reset each evening at 11:59:59 PM (midnight) CT. If a user has gone over the max PIN attempts, transactions will be refused, and the PIN will need to be patched with our Set Pin API call. Please note that after patching the PIN, card transactions will not be accepted by the card networks until the next day at 11:59:59 PM (midnight) CT. This waiting period is due to an intentional fraud mechanism set by the card networks in the interchange system.

Common Mistakes

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