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Sandbox Keys

Generate sandbox keys (or request keys from our team) to start testing:

  1. Create a Synapse Sandbox account.

  2. Fill out KYC information for your profile - Because this is Sandbox we recommend fake data. Here's a guide to upload that data. We suggest a fake photo for your Government ID and a fake SSN ("2222").

  3. Find your client keys on our client manager

  4. Copy the keys provided - Use these to test in sandbox.

  5. Follow our status page - This is where we provide notifications on our sandbox & production environments.

Please Note

In the sandbox environment, events such as transaction processing occur faster than in production to make it easier to test your integration.

Production Keys

After finalizing your contract, we will assign you a Platform Architect to help you navigate the integration process. Here’s what to expect:

  1. Basic Housekeeping - Here is a guide to create an account & setup billing. Please note that on-site visits are requested for MSBs and those operating in Crypto.

  2. Intro Call - During this call, we will review timelines, integration plans and setup questions. This is also an opportunity for us to learn more about your business and goals.

  3. Spec Sheet Walkthrough - Our team will prepare a specification sheet (spec sheet) based on your integration plans. The spec sheet sets controls for all API activity (including KYC requirements & limits). When this is ready, we will schedule a call to review this with your team.

  4. API walkthrough - After your spec sheet is finalized, we recommend scheduling an API walkthrough with your engineers to walk them through our API docs and answer any questions they might have. These calls are most productive if you try playing around with the APIs prior to the call.

  5. Code Review & Compliance Review - Prior to going live, your team will need to schedule a Code Review & Compliance Review with our team. This ensures everything is ready for production.

  6. Request Production Keys - When your reviews are complete, fund your reserve and request production keys. Once production keys are issued, we will connect you with our Customer Success team to help with production-related questions and issues.

Technical and Compliance Reviews

We hold periodic technical and compliance reviews after you go live to ensure your integration is up to date. We also perform free pen-testing to ensure basic security best practices.

Weekly Calls

For your first four weeks, we will also schedule weekly status calls to make sure you are on track. These calls are optional - if you do not need this call, we can always skip.

Request API Access

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