Sandbox Test Values

Test Values for your sandbox environment



Real Identities and Documents

Please do not submit real KYC in sandbox. You cannot verify real identities and document information in sandbox.

Base Documents

With the exception of addresses test base document requirements are nonrigorous. Any value following the appropriate format for the specific document (Ex. [email protected], phone: 000.000.0000) will be accepted.


Valid USPS mailable addresses are required

123 Fail Address, Fail City, FS 00000Supplied address is invalid / Unable to verify address
1 Market Street Suite 1000, San Francisco, CA 94105Validation is successful

Virtual Documents

2222Validation Successful
Any other valueValidation Fails

Physical Documents



The base64 you send via this API call should be padded. See below:


To be able to generate a sample base64 string, you can go to Base64 Image. They make it very easy to generate a padded base64 string for any image. You can then use that base64 string to test with our APIs.

 Fails
Any other valueValidation Successful

Social Documents

EMAIL_2FA and PHONE_NUMBER_2FA123456Validation Succesful
EMAIL[email protected]Validation Fails
IP255.255.255.0Validation Fails
PHONE_NUMBER541-754-3010Validation Fails

User Authentication

Device Fingerprint Sandbox Test Values

FingerprintValidation PIN


Two-factor authentication pins will not be sent out in sandbox

Bank Logins

Testing Bank Login Credentials in Sandbox

The following are sample bank login credentials that you can use to test out your bank login implementation.

UsernamePasswordMFABank Name
test_goodtest1234again (to get multiple MFAs) or else test_answerfake
synapse_goodtest1234again (to get multiple MFAs) or else test_answerfake
synapse_goodtest1234_oneagain (to get multiple MFAs) or else test_answerfake
synapse_goodtest1234_checkingagain (to get multiple MFAs) or else test_answerfake
synapse_goodtest1234_savingsagain (to get multiple MFAs) or else test_answerfake
synapse_goodtest1234_randomagain (to get multiple MFAs) or else test_answerfake
synapse_nomfatest1234No multi-factor authentication ("MFA") is necessaryfake

Testing Login Sync Errors in Sandbox

When adding a new node, append any of these values to the end of the password. When doing a force_refresh on the node, it will trigger the corresponding error.

Appending “_needs_relink” to the password (e.g. “test1234_savings_needs_relink") will link a node that will return the 401/110 error message when you try doing a “force_refresh”. It falls in line with our current sandbox test values so you can add “_needs_relink” to the end of any of the passwords above.

HTTP_CODEERROR_CODEAppend to PasswordDescription
503503_sync_unavailableRefresh unavailable
400410_sync_not_allowedRefresh not allowed
401110_needs_relinkBad credentials
500500_sync_unknown_errorUnknown refresh error


Card Issuance Sandbox Test Values

Card StyleValue

Account/Routing (AC/RT) Numbers Sandbox Test Values

Account NumberRouting Number
Any Number between 5-25 digits
*Please do not submit real account numbers in sandbox
Any Valid Routing Number

Micro-Deposit Test Values

If a bank account is added with AC/RT numbers, we automatically send micro-deposits to the user's external bank account for verification. Here are the micro-deposit values for sandbox:

Micro-Deposit Amount 1 (cUSD)Micro-Deposit Amount 2 (cUSD)



Transactions in Cents (cUSD)

Please note that the transaction amounts for the sandbox test values provided below are in cents (cUSD).

ACH Transactions

Amount (cUSD)Type ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌Response
22222DEBITR01 -- Insufficient Funds
22223CREDITR02 -- Account Closed
22224CREDIT-AND-DEBITR03 -- No Account/Unable to Locate Account
22225CREDIT-AND-DEBITR04 -- Invalid Account Number
22226CREDITR06 -- Returned Per ODFI's Request
22227DEBITR07 -- Authorization Revoked by Customer
22228DEBITR08 -- Payment Stopped
22229DEBITR09 -- Uncollected Funds
22230DEBITR10 -- Customer Advises Not Authorized
22231CREDIT-AND-DEBITR11 -- Check Safekeeping Entry Return
22232CREDIT-AND-DEBITR12 -- Branch Sold To Another DFI
22233CREDITR13 -- RDFI Not Qualified to Participate
22234CREDIT-AND-DEBITR14 -- Account Holder Deceased
22235CREDIT-AND-DEBITR16 -- Account Frozen
22236CREDIT-AND-DEBITR17 -- File Record Edit Criteria
22237CREDIT-AND-DEBITR20 -- Non-Transaction Account
22238CREDIT-AND-DEBITR21 -- Invalid Company Identification
22239CREDIT-AND-DEBITR22 -- Invalid Individual ID Number
22240CREDITR23 -- Credit Refused by Receiver
22241CREDIT-AND-DEBITR24 -- Duplicate Entry
22242DEBITR29 -- Corporate Customer Advises Not Authorized
22243CREDIT-AND-DEBITR31 -- Permissible Return Entry
22244CREDIT-AND-DEBITR33 -- Return of XCK Entry
22245CREDIT-AND-DEBITR34 -- Limited participation DFI

Card Transactions

Amount (cUSD)Type ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌Response
22246DEBITCR01 -- Transaction not approved; Possible NSF
22247CREDIT-AND-DEBITCR02 -- International transaction detected; This card does not have international transaction permissions
22248DEBITCR03 -- Transaction exceeds ATM or POS withdrawal limits
2249DEBITCR04 -- Invalid PIN attempted; Please try again or reset the pin
22250CREDIT-AND-DEBITCR05 -- Card status is in a state which does not allow for any transactions
22251CREDIT-AND-DEBITCR06 -- Invalid expiration date
22252CREDIT-AND-DEBITCR07 -- Transaction validation failed
22253CREDIT-AND-DEBITCR08 -- There is an issue with the card; please check the card
22254CREDIT-AND-DEBITCR09 -- There is an issue associated with the card deposit account of the card

Check Transactions

Amount (cUSD)Type ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌Response
22312CREDITCHR01 -- NSF – customer does not have sufficient funds to cover the item
22313CREDITCHR02 -- UCF – uncollected funds hold
22314CREDITCHR03 -- Stop payment – a stop payment has been placed on the item
22315CREDITCHR05 -- Closed account – the item’s account has been closed
22316CREDITCHR06 -- UTLA – unable to locate account
22317CREDITCHR07 -- Frozen/blocked account – account has restrictions placed by customer or bank
22318CREDITCHR08 -- Stale dated – the date on the item is more than 6 months old
22319CREDITCHR09 -- Post dated – the date on the item is in the future ‘I’ Endorsement missing
22320CREDITCHR10 -- Endorsement irregular
22321CREDITCHR11 -- Signature(s) missing
22322CREDITCHR12 -- Signature(s) irregular, suspected forgery
22323CREDITCHR13 -- Non-cash item (non negotiable)
22324CREDITCHR14 -- Altered/fictitious item/Suspected counterfeit/Counterfeit
22325CREDITCHR15 -- Unable to process
22326CREDITCHR16 -- Items exceeds stated max value
22327CREDITCHR17 -- Not authorized RCC
22328CREDITCHR18 -- Branch/account sold (Wrong Bank)
22329CREDITCHR19 -- Refer to Maker
22330CREDITCHR20 -- Item cannot be re-presented (exceeds allowable number of presentments
22331CREDITCHR21 -- unusable image
22332CREDITCHR22 -- Cannot determine amount
22333CREDITCHR23 -- Refer to image – return reason is contained within the image of the item
22334CREDITCHR24 -- Duplicate presentment
22335CREDITCHR25 -- Forgery – an affidavit shall be available upon request
22336CREDITCHR26 -- Warranty breach (includes Rule 8 & 9 claims)
22337CREDITCHR27 -- RCC warranty breach
22338CREDITCHR28 -- Forged and counterfeit warranty breach (Rule 9)
22339CREDITCHR29 -- Retired/ineligible routing number
22340CREDITCHR30 -- [ADMIN] Image Missing
22341CREDITCHR31 -- [ADMIN] Ineligible Item
22342CREDITCHR32 -- [ADMIN] Item cannot be re-presented (exceeds number of allowable times for presentment)
22343CREDITCHR33 -- [ADMIN] unusable image
22344CREDITCHR34 -- [ADMIN] Image fails security check
22345CREDITCHR35 -- [ADMIN] Duplicate presentment
22346CREDITCHR36 -- [ADMIN] Does not conform with ANS X9.100-181
22347CREDITCHR37 -- [ADMIN] Does not conform to the Industry’s Universal Companion Document
22348CREDITCHR38 -- [ADMIN] Warranty Breach (includes Rule 8 & Rule 9 claims)
22349CREDITCHR39 -- [ADMIN] RCC Warranty Breach (Rule 8)
22350CREDITCHR40 -- [ADMIN] Forged and Counterfeit Warranty Breach (Rule 9)
22351CREDITCHR41 -- [ADMIN] Retired/Ineligible Routing Number

Interchange Transactions

Amount (cUSD)Type ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌Response
22255CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR05 -- Suspicious activity; do not honor this card's transactions
22256CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR14 -- Card number does not exist
22257CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR15 -- Card issuer does not exist
22258CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR17 -- Customer cancelled/reversed payment
22259CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR18 -- The customer reversed the transaction: chargeback
22260CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR33 -- Expired card, pick-up
22261CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR36 -- Restricted card, pick-up
22262CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR38 -- PIN tried too many times; request a new card or try again later
22263CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR41 -- Lost card: request a new card
22264CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR43 -- Stolen card: request a new card
22265CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR54 -- Card Expired: request a new card
22266CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR56 -- No record of the validity of the card
22267CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR57 -- Transaction not permitted to cardholder
22268CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR58 -- Transaction denied by acceptor(Potential chargeback detected)
22269CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR59 -- Suspected Fraud
22270CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR63 -- Card information compromised(Potential chargeback detected)
22271CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR66 -- Merchant must contact the card acquirer
22272CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR67 -- Hard capture
22273CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR75 -- Allowable number of PIN tries exceeded
22274CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR79 -- Invalid digital signature
22275CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR86 -- Cannot verify PIN
22276CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR88 -- Card information not on file
22277CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR89 -- Security code verification failed
22278CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR93 -- Transaction is in violation of the law and will not be completed
22279CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR132 -- Country of the card issuer is blocked by this merchant
22280CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR140 -- Card product code is blocked
22281CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR144 -- CARD_ID is not valid
22282CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR150 -- Transaction declined by merchant to security code mismatch
22283CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR151 -- Transaction not allowed as per a validation rule
22284CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR156 -- Fraudulent transaction prior to embossed valid date
22285CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR158 -- Allowable PAN entries warning -- approved
22286CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR160 -- Security code is invalid
22287CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR174 -- Item suspected for stop pay
22288CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR174 -- Item suspected for stop pay
22289CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR175 -- Account associated with card was closed
22290CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR176 -- Account associated with card is ineligible for the transaction
22291CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR178 -- No account associated with card on file
22292CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR179 -- Unable to locate card
22293CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR189 -- Bad security code
22294CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR190 -- Transaction ordered to be stopped
22295CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR191 -- Transaction authorization revoked"
22296CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR193 -- Card lost: do not honor
22297CREDIT-AND-DEBITIR194 -- Account associated with the card is closed
22298DEBITIR201 -- Incorrect Expiration date
22299DEBITIR202 -- Card declined due to an unknown reason
22300DEBITIR203 -- Card card declined due to unsupported card type
22301DEBITIR204 -- Card declined due to an unknown reason
22302DEBITIR205 -- Card declined due to an unknown Reason
22303DEBITIR206 -- Card transaction request has an unknown status

Sandbox Test Cards

NumberNetworkType of CardPermission
9401100999999992VISADEBITNONE (which means both credits and debits have been disabled by cardholder. So adding this card would fail.)
9401200999999990VISACREDITNONE (which means both credits and debits have been disabled by cardholder. So adding this card would fail.)
9401300999999998VISAPREPAIDNONE (which means both credits and debits have been disabled by cardholder. So adding this card would fail.)
9501100999999991MASTERCARDDEBITNONE (which means both credits and debits have been disabled by cardholder. So adding this card would fail.)
9501200999999999MASTERCARDCREDITNONE (which means both credits and debits have been disabled by cardholder. So adding this card would fail.)
9501300999999997MASTERCARDPREPAIDNONE (which means both credits and debits have been disabled by cardholder. So adding this card would fail.)
9601200999999998DISCOVERCREDITNONE (which means both credits and debits have been disabled by cardholder. So adding this card would fail.)

Apple Pay Test Cards

Please note that this is a subset of the cards provided by Apple (under "Test Cards for Apps and the Web" here).

Apple Pay Test Card NumberCard TypeCard ProcessorNode Status
5204247750001471DebitMastercardNONE (which means both credits and debits have been disabled by cardholder. So adding this card would fail.)
5204247750001463CreditMastercardNONE (which means both credits and debits have been disabled by cardholder. So adding this card would fail.)
4761120010000492DebitVisaNONE (which means both credits and debits have been disabled by cardholder. So adding this card would fail.)
4051069302200121CreditVisaNONE (which means both credits and debits have been disabled by cardholder. So adding this card would fail.)

Wire Transactions

AmountType‌‌ ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌Description
22304DEBITWR01 -- Return per customer request
22305DEBITWR02 -- Return per platform request
22306CREDITWR03 -- UTA - Account closed/frozen
22307CREDIT-AND-DEBITWR04 -- UTA - Additional documents required
22308CREDIT-AND-DEBITWR05 -- UTA - Country not allowed
22309CREDIT-AND-DEBITWR06 -- UTA - Exceeds limits
22310CREDIT-AND-DEBITWR07 -- UTA - Information mismatch
22311CREDIT-AND-DEBITWR08 -- UTA - No Account/Unable to Locate Account

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Sandbox Test Values

Test Values for your sandbox environment

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